Providing superior guidance in residential property matters

One of the greatest joys of being a Chicago real estate lawyer is watching first-time home buyers close their first transaction. As one of the biggest financial commitments one will ever make, buying a home is both an exciting yet stressful adventure that comes with legal and financial challenges most buyers are not accustomed to handling alone.

If you are one of the thousands of Cook County families who enter the real estate market each week, you may have questions about your transaction, including specific legal jargon in your purchase contract. The Law Office of David Birks brings over two decades of experience in handling the many challenges that come with both simple and complex property acquisitions.

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Why Should You Hire a Chicago Real Estate Attorney?

From transaction issues to locality, there are many reasons why Chicago buyers trust David Birks. If you have never retained counsel for property acquisitions, here are common reasons buyers and sellers use an attorney:

Why buyers may need a real estate lawyer

  • The buyer is making a purchase but lives out of town;
  • A buyer intends to purchase a short sale property or one that is bank owned;
  • The property is part of an estate;
  • The property is zoned commercial;
  • There are structural, tax or easement issues that need to be addressed with the property; or,
  • The property is located in an area with known problems (flood zone, etc.).

Why sellers may need a real estate lawyer

  • The property being sold has aesthetical or structural issues;
  • The seller is an executor or heir of property owned by an individual who is deceased;
  • The property in question is co-owned, and the other owner chooses not to cooperate with the selling process;
  • The property title is “clouded” (liens, judgments, child support);
  • Something is telling the seller the sale may not go as smoothly as they’d like.

The expenditure required to retain an attorney in Cook County is well worth the headaches, potential financial losses and undue hardship that will be prevented.

David Birks is an exceptional choice as he has been licensed to practice for 26 years and handles simple and complex real estate issues for buyers and sellers.

The Law Office of David Birks Is An Asset To Buyers and Sellers

Planning your first, fifth or tenth real estate purchase? Selling a home currently tied up in an estate? The Law Office of David Birks has the necessary legal experience and level of tenacity required to provide you with insight and counsel from start to close.

For buyers, The Law Office of David Birks can:

  • Analyze real estate documents that relate to title, mortgage, and taxation;
  • Register legal documents connected to your real estate transaction;
  • Attend your closing and address whatever questions that may arise;
  • Explain your purchase contract in layman’s terms;
  • Protect you from concealed liabilities with respect to your new home purchase;
  • Help resolve easement and other boundary disputes;
  • Work with you in sheriff sales, tax sales and similar;
  • Confirm that you possess valid ownership documentation; and,
  • Offer guidance and counsel in other areas of real estate law.

For sellers, The Law Office of David Birks can:

  • Verify that your purchase and sale agreement terms shield you from future legal harm;
  • Help with title encumbrances and other title issues;
  • Offer representation during negotiations with the buyer and walk you through all aspects of closing;
  • Help you with property sales when the underlying home or land tract is in an estate;
  • Help clear up construction or mechanic liens;
  • Help resolve all types of judgment liens;
  • Work with sellers to eliminate old mortgage liens; and,
  • Assist with other seller-related legal issues.

Contact a Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago Today

As laws surrounding real estate transactions and property change often, you deserve to know the truth behind your home purchase or sale.

The Law Office of David Birks can provide you with insight and legal guidance from start to finish regardless of what side of the transaction you represent. With a convenient Cook County location, buyers from Chicago and surrounding suburbs are encouraged to call the firm at 773-732-7611, stop by or use our contact form to schedule a consultation.