Helping Cook County Residents Legalize Their Final Wishes

Drafting an estate plan is beneficial to both you and your loved ones. An estate plan ensures that your final wishes are upheld in addition to providing for your heirs and beneficiaries after you pass away. The only way to legally protect your estate and your loved ones in Illinois is by creating an estate plan with an experienced Chicago estate planning attorney.

In Chicago, many people have turned to the knowledgeable attorney at The Law Office of David Birks Ltd. for their estate planning needs. Providing a wide range of estate planning resources and services, the firm is prepared to meet all of your estate planning needs. Call or contact our office today at 773-732-7611 to schedule a consultation to discuss your wishes for an estate plan.

The Essential Elements of Estate Planning

As an experienced Illinois estate planning attorney, I can assist in drafting, reviewing, and modifying a number of different elements of a successful estate plan. Some of the most common estate planning instruments The Law Office of David Birks Ltd. creates on behalf of our Chicago clients includes the following:

Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament lays out your final wishes for your estate. This can include funeral and burial plans in addition to how you would like the assets of your estate distributed to your loved ones. You can also name an executor in your will who is responsible for the administration of your estate after your passing. If you do not create a will, your estate will be distributed according to Illinois state law, which may not comport with how you wanted your assets to be given out.

Power of Attorney

This form gives the authority for another person to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf if you become unable to due to disability or incapacity. This includes paying bills, buying and selling assets, and other decisions that can significantly affect both you and your estate. It is crucial that you select someone you trust completely in your power of attorney form.

Living Will

A living will dictates your medical wishes if you ever become unable to communicate due to disability or incapacity. This can include which treatments you do or do not wish to have done, a “Do Not Resuscitate” form, life support, what medications you approve of, and other medical specifications. 

Health Care Proxy

Similar to a power of attorney, the person named in a health care proxy form has the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself. If you also have a living will, your health care proxy is bound by your wishes in that instrument.

Call a Chicago Estate Planning Attorney Today

While many people do not like to consider their inevitable passing, the sooner you create an estate plan the better off you and your loved ones will be.

To learn more about your legal options for creating an estate plan in the Chicago area, call or contact the office of The Law Office of David Birks Ltd. today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Illinois estate planning attorneys.