Protecting the interests of corporations in Cook County

When the acquisition of a massive multibillion-dollar enterprise in Cook County must go smoothly, a corporate attorney in Chicago is an invaluable asset. From helping form an S-Corporation to walking a small startup through potential legal pitfalls, the need for an experienced business lawyer goes without saying when the stakes are high.

The Law Office of David Birks is heavily involved with corporations large and small in the Chicagoland area. With 26 years in litigation, David Birks brings superior representation and the level of tenacity corporate leaders expect when large sums of money is on the line.

Why Hire a Corporate Attorney?

Here are several key moments when retaining counsel may be in the best interests of a company:

  • You are forming a business but are unsure which legal structure is best suited for your business type;
  • You and your board intend on making an offer to acquire another corporation, but need an attorney to articulate “legalese” to assure fairness;
  • Your company has been served notice of an individual or class action suit;
  • You have products you need provisional or utility patents on to protect you from “copycatting”.

Corporations large and small should consider a corporate attorney an insurance policy that pays dividends by virtue of legal issues avoided, and dollars saved in court litigation.

What Can a Cook County Corporate Attorney Do For You?

Billions of dollars exchange hands each day in Chicago. Whether by an agreement forged with another corporation, or by making an all-stock purchase of a major tech company, money and documents are the centerpiece behind every deal made in Corporate Chicago.

A Chicago corporate attorney from The Law Office of David Birks helps companies large and small by:

  • Working to negotiate employee contracts
  • Help entities prepare and file government reports
  • Assisting stock trading companies with SEC compliance
  • Reading, drafting and editing legal documents as needed
  • Keeping business relationships with vendors and subcontractors fair
  • Assuring companies are compliant with state and federal law
  • Helping avoid legal issues with proposed products by analyzing legal issues
  • Liaising or representing the corporation during administrative boards or court trials
  • Helping structure legal entities, including joint enterprises with other organizations

The office is capable of representing companies in other matters where superior litigation is vital to corporate longevity.

Let Our Chicago Corporate Law Firm Represent You

Outrageous legal fees from litigation or payments from SEC, environmental or zoning violations can close your business doors. Losing class action suits at jury trial may not only decimate your company, but may cost you personally if the court finds “piercing the veil” to help cover settlement or litigation costs is prudent.

If you are a business that truly cares about compliance, having a corporate attorney working in your corner is an expense you should add into your budget.

The Law Office of David Birks is available to represent corporate clients regardless of size. Put over two decades of superior representation to work for you by contacting the firm today at 773-732-7611 or by completing our contact form.